About Us

Hong Kong is tiny but populous, therefore it is natural for the land supply to be scarce and prices of properties to remain high at all time.  While nearly all properties tend to be small in size with unit rate per square feet of residential and commercial units in particular are understandably but notoriously high in price compared with other counterparts in the world, interior design, renovation work as well as the efficient use of interior space within local properties are of paramount importance and count more heavily than anywhere else in the world.  Having said that, Hong Kong people do deserve much better user experience within the properties they use and that is the main reason why In N Out Design and Build is established.

We are a team of specialists in interior design and renovation-related industry and take pride in ourselves by delivering projects with refined quality on an absolutely timely manner. We can do so because our sister company, In N out Storage, has become a reputable and leading brand in the property leasing and storage sector with a couple of self-owned properties as well as a team of interior design and renovation experts with at least 10 years of experience.