Our Highlights


Reception is crucial to a company’s image as it is where everyone needs to pass through. We are sure that the quality of our design which is creative and insightful, will meet your preference and needs.

Conference room

Conference room is important in that it is where internal and customer meetings take place. Modern conference rooms normally features comfort and high technology. With respect to comfort, we can offer to tailor-make furniture needed in your conference room and numerous renowned office furniture suppliers for you to choose from. We can also help you to make a cutting-edged conference room where you can comfortably deal with your business and connect with everyone in the world at any time with video conferencing systems installed in it.


We can deliver all fine details and the kind of office you want, be it functional, thematic or even a customized one.

Our strengths

Free on-site measurement

We provide professional advice and on-site measurement afterwards to you free of charge.

3D simulation layout

We will listen carefully to understand your needs and then work to provide a 3D simulation layout of the project concerned for your review, so that you can come to know more clearly if your needs and preference is physically and aesthetically feasible or not and make changes more easily in the future.

Designated staff to follow up

We shall assign a staff to communicate with each and every of our clients and follow up with the projects concerned, that is from initial enquiry stage to post-completion stage, to make sure they can receive professional and the best service possible they can have from us.

Storage solution

We can offer to provide a cost effective solution to our clients to store the things in their office when we are entrusted by them with design and/or renovation services.

Flexible design

We focus on flexibility, creativity and practicality with our designs and we are confident that our designs will only please and satisfy our clients.

Practicality and comfort

We always work to think for our clients, that is the end users, when it comes to offering design and/or renovation services to them. We understand so well that practicality and comfort should come together and can always co-exist.