Our Highlights

Living room

Living room is the crux of a residential flat as it is where we stay often at home for rest and leisure. We are certain that you will be more than satisfied with our designs and/or our renovation work as we have abundant experience in fitting out a number of luxury residential flats/ house.


We tend to spend about one-third of our lifetime in sleep. Therefore, our sleeping quality is closely related to the design and renovation of our bedroom. With our professional attitude and abundant experience, we will be able to create the most comfortable sleeping environment for you and also your family members.


Open kitchens are getting more popular and becoming part of the living room, that’s why the design and renovation of a kitchen matter. Being experienced and insightful of handling both traditional and open kitchen, we are confident of being able to tailor-make a private kitchen for you.

Our strengths

Free on-site measurement

We provide professional advice and on-site measurement afterwards to you free of charge.

3D simulation layout

We will listen carefully to understand your needs and then work to provide a 3D simulation layout of the project concerned for your review, so that you can come to know more clearly if your needs and preference is physically and aesthetically feasible or not and make changes more easily in the future.

Designated staff to follow up

We shall assign a staff to communicate with each and every of our clients and follow up with the projects concerned, that is from initial enquiry stage to post-completion stage, to make sure they can receive professional and the best service possible they can have from us.

Unique design

We are not conformist when it comes to design. Therefore we will not be settled with only one kind of design style and will work to mix different kinds of design styles in our design works for our clients.

Furniture design

Apart from design and renovation services we offer, we also offer to design, source and even tailor-make unique furniture for our clients, thus meeting the needs of them and their properties.

Effective use of floor space

We care about our clients and that is why we would think for them and from their perspective by trying to make sure all the floor space of their property is being utilized to the fullest.